Creating a fresh brand identity for Lisbon's most exclusive private members club.


Lisbon, Portugal


Private Members Club, Restaurant


Atlas Dinner Club is poised to redefine the landscape of private member clubs in Lisbon. Slated for a grand unveiling in 2024, this club is a sanctuary for the elite, offering an exquisite array of experiences that transcend the ordinary. From gourmet dining in Lisbon's most coveted restaurants to bespoke trips that promise unparalleled adventure, Atlas Dinner Club is not just about places—it's about unforgettable experiences.

The Problem

When Atlas launched they had already brought together a group of people and saw some significant early traction so the branding got put on the back burner while they grew. The website presented a dated aesthetic and the branding was unlikely to attract people to join.

The Solution

Our rebranding journey commenced with in-depth sessions with the club's founders, where we delved into the business's vision and strategy. We gained insights into the customer profile by engaging with existing members, understanding their preferences and expectations. This exploration provided us with a clear understanding of the club's ethos and the target audience it aimed to captivate. Our design process involved an iterative collaboration with the club's team and members, allowing us to refine and hone the brand's identity continuously. This collaborative approach culminated in the creation of a final product that truly resonated with the essence of the club and its distinguished clientele.


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