Creating a identity and App Design for a new type of social connectivity app


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Relationship Building


Our team was approached by a dynamic group, led by an ex-Uber engineer, with a fresh idea. They envisioned a social app that brings people together based on shared interests, but with a unique twist. The app uses AI to get to know users through engaging questions about their likes and personality, and then sets up casual meetups at local restaurants. It's a blend of smart technology and social fun, creating connections in a relaxed, yet innovative way.

The Problem

Faced with a blank canvas — our favorite kind of challenge — we had the exciting task of building a business from the ground up. Our goal was to embody everything our target audience desired in a cutting-edge social media app. With the concept being fresh and innovative, it was crucial to get it right from the start. This approach was essential to provide the Branch team with the best possible opportunity to achieve product-market fit in a highly dynamic landscape

The Solution

We kicked things off by developing two distinct brand identity decks for the team's review. The first deck emphasised a graphics-centric theme, while the second leaned heavily on imagery. After thorough discussions, we all agreed that imagery had the most potential to resonate with the audience and drive app downloads. With our branding strategy set, we moved on to the app development phase. This was no ordinary task, as the app demanded an extensive onboarding process. Our challenge was to keep users engaged throughout their sign-up journey. We tackled this by incorporating personalised elements and gamification strategies, which paid off with impressive sign-up rates during our beta testing.


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