Creating a brand identity for a leading mental health start up in the UK.


Coventry, United Kingdom


Healthcare, Mental Health


Latahzan is a distinguished mental health provider in the UK, specializing in ADHD and Autism care. Positioned uniquely between the NHS and private healthcare sectors, they offer a cost-effective and superior alternative to traditional private health services. With a focus on personalized and innovative treatments, Latahzan is committed to delivering world-class care, making quality mental health services accessible to more people.

The Problem

Initially tailored for the Muslim community, is evolving to embrace a broader market. The initial branding – including the logo and website – was specifically designed with the original audience in mind. Now, as Latahzan aims to expand its reach, a comprehensive rebranding is underway. This strategic shift is not just about scaling up; it's about crafting a universal appeal to secure significant contracts with entities like the NHS.

The Solution

Our team embarked on an extensive industry analysis, leveraging our advanced AI research tool to gather a wealth of data encompassing the industry, competitors, and comparable markets abroad. This rich trove of information guided our design strategy. We opted for user-generated style imagery to convey authenticity and differentiate from our competitors. Complementing this, we introduced a rejuvenated look, incorporating fresh faces, contemporary fonts, and vibrant colors.


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